Ribfest Sponsor Shout-Out & A Taste of Village Brewery’s Taproom Delights

As the aroma of smoky BBQ and succulent ribs fills the air, we eagerly await the return of Rotary Ribfest YYC. In ONE month, the sights, sounds and tastes of Ribfest will be back at McMahon Stadium for a rockin’ Fall event!

Highlighting our Sponsors

The heart and soul of Rotary Ribfest lie in the generous sponsors who have wholeheartedly come aboard to support this community event. A few of our newest additions to the Sponsorship line-up are; Lexus of Calgary, Battle River Energy, Curve Distribution, Vision Sports Centre, Decathlon and Royop.

For a full list of our sponsors, please take a peek at our latest Instagram post or stay up-to-date on our website.

It is with immense appreciation that the Rotary Club of Calgary extend their heartfelt thanks to all of these sponsors who have helped to bring this event to life!

Village Brewery: A Loyal Sponsor of Ribfest

As a major sponsor of the event for several years, Village Brewery has played an integral role in making Ribfest a true celebration of community and, of course, beer. This year, visitors to Ribfest can look forward to another year of cold beer and cider on-site at the Village Brewery tent.

Village Brewery Has Something New!

Calling all craft beer enthusiasts! Village Brewery has recently opened their newly renovated taproom. Located in the heart of Calgary, this exciting addition to the city’s craft beer scene promises an unforgettable experience for locals and visitors and promises a complete “beer experience”. With a selection of 16 unique and flavorful tap-beers, the new taproom also boasts an extended space to gather, delicious menu and elegant long-table for any formal dinners! Beer lovers can also get a behind-the-scenes look at the production facility and process and enjoy fresh, handcrafted beers straight from the source.

Village Brewery has long been a favorite and household name among beer connoisseurs and Calgarians –  a big congrats on the updated space and we can’t wait to see you at Ribfest!

A Little History on the Venue

McMahon Stadium, an iconic landmark in Calgary! Originally built in 1960, in an unprecedented 103 days, the stadium has since witnessed countless thrilling sporting events and unforgettable moments. Home to the Calgary Stampeders (Canadian Football League (CFL)), McMahon Stadium has welcomed fans from far and wide. With seating totalling 35,650, the stadium is the fifth-largest stadium in Canada. It was expanded in several stages from its original 22,000-seat capacity in 1960 to 38,205 in 1988. 

Beyond its athletic endeavors, McMahon Stadium also plays host to a wide variety of events that bring together families and friends. One such highlight on its calendar is our much-anticipated Rotary Ribfest YYC. Celebrating the finest in barbecue and mouthwatering ribs, Ribfest will transform the stadium grounds into a food, music and FUN paradise.

What makes this event even more fabulous, is that entry and parking are FREE and if you take the LRT, you can stroll across the pedestrian bridge and not even worry about bringing your vehicle. 

Whether you’re a barbecue connoisseur or simply looking for a fun-filled day out, Rotary Ribfest YYC promises an experience that caters to all tastes. As the savory aroma of grilled goodness and the sound of live entertainment fills the stadium, McMahon Stadium will be transformed into a captivating hub of flavors and excitement that promises lasting memories for attendees of all ages.

See you next month friends! Stay current with all of the Ribfest news on our website or social pages.

Yours in Rotary.