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July 30 - August 2, 2021

McMahon Stadium Parking Lot

Check out the food and festivities at Ribfest

A modern day meat brigade! The best ribbers in town are coming together to serve your favourite meats this summer. Drive thru to dine the best barbecue Calgary while enjoying live entertainment, contests, and more!

If you love giving back, eating well, and spending time with your family, this is the event for you. With free entry, there isn’t anything standing in your way!

Enter our 50/50 draw, and vote on your favourite rib of the day for a chance to win [prize]! Is there anything better than a warm summer day spent near the grill? We think not. And we want to share the sticky season with you, Calgary!

50/50 Winner: Stu Massey
Ticket: #A1920
Prize: $5,032.50


All donation proceeds go towards the Rotary Clubs of Calgary. Good food for a good cause, this is meat you can feel good about.

The Rotary Club

Brought to you by the Rotary Clubs of Calgary.

Rotary Club of Calgary Chinook

Rotary Club of Calgary Cennential

Rotary Club of Calgary East

A proud non-profit global service organization with 3 of the 13 clubs in Calgary and area working together, we are thrilled to bring you Ribfest, and continue to connect Calgarians and build stronger communities.

The Rotary Club members are dedicated people who share a passion for both community service and friendship. The heart of Rotary is its local Clubs, which bring together dedicated individuals to exchange ideas, build relationships. Clubs are supported by The Rotary Foundation, which turns generous donations into grants that fund the work of members and partners around the world, and Rotary International, which co- ordinates global programs and initiatives.

Rotary Club

How The Festival Works

Once you arrive, you don't need to worry about parking because this is a drive-thru event! Follow the signs to line up for delicious BBQ. We can't wait to see you!


1. Come off Crowchild to McMahon Stadium and follow directions to the Ribbers you wish to see (and eat)!


2. Follow the volunteer's direction to the Rib Truck line of your choice.


3. Volunteers will provide information and offer the opportunity to make a donation to Rotary, purchase a 50/50 ticket and any beverages.


4. To go bags are not only okay, but encouraged! Feel free to load up while you're here.


5. Enjoy!


6. Tag us on social media and let us know your thoughts on the Ribs :)

How It Works

Meet the Ribbers

Cooked on cherry wood, low and slow, we've got an incredible selection of vendors for the whole family to enjoy. All of your ribs have been slow cooked for 5 hours, and your pulled pork for 14 hours. So yes... it's that good.

Pistol Pete's

Sauce – sweet and tangy

Oklahoma City

Billy's BBQ

Sauce – sweet with a little heat

Midland, Michigan

Buckeye BBQ

Sauce – Smokey

St.Louis, Missouri

Camp 31

Sauce – sweet and tangy

Brewton, Alabama

Tater King

Blooming Onion & French Fry

Ribfest Calgary

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We can’t wait to bring back our regular Ribfest festival in 2022 complete with beer gardens and bands in addition to these great ribbers!

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Social Media Feed

Congratulations Stu Massey 🎉🎉 Ticket Number: #A1920 Prize: $ 5,032.50⠀
Thanks to everyone that participated in our 50/50 draw!
You should not miss this! Tomorrow is the final day of Ribfest and we'll be ready for you bright and early at 11am. Come for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or ALL the above 😆 😉
The Rotary Ribfest YYC 50/50 draw is now up to $ 1,500!
All proceeds raised goes to support mental health and wellness charities in our city such as Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter, I Can for Kids and It's A Crime Not to Read.
Our ribbers are here slingin' sauce all weekend long! Come on over to Ribfest YYC this weekend😁 We're here till Monday. Who will you be coming with?